Mouthguards While in Braces?

Many parents and children often wonder if a mouthguard can be worn with braces. Absolutely! It is highly recommended by the American Dental Association that kids wear mouthguards when participating in any sports, especially while they are undergoing orthodontics. Mouthguards significantly reduce the risk of damaging the teeth, cheeks, lips, tongue and brackets if a face injury were to occur. If a mouthguard is not worn, treatment to repair the teeth, soft tissue or orthodontic appliances can be quite extensive and expensive.

There are a couple different options when deciding on a mouthguard during braces; one that is custom made at a dental office or a prefabricated one bought in a sporting goods store. The prefabricated guards are more affordable and come in a few different child and adult sizes. Examples include Shock Doctor and Wilson. However, custom mouthguards that are made from a mold of your child’s mouth offer the best protection and fit. The additional expense of a custom mouthguard may save you money and time in the long run. Ask your orthodontist or dentist for their recommendations. More and more sports are making it mandatory to wear a mouthguard while participating. We could not agree more!!

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