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Health Issues

Do I Have Dry Mouth?

Not much saliva present in your mouth; is this a concern? Yes, a dry mouth means you have an inadequate flow of saliva. This condition is called xerostomia. It can be a symptom of many medical disorders and is a

My Child Was Diagnosed With Acid Reflux !

What can I do as a parent to help maintain my child’s teeth? Try to reduce the acid in the mouth by: • Limiting acidic foods and drinks like candy, carbonated beverages, fruit juices and refined sugars • Drinking plenty

Kids and Fruit Juice Consumption

Did you know that fruit juice consumption offers very few benefits? Did you know that it also has potential harmful effects? High sugar content in juice contributes to more calorie consumption and the risk of developing dental caries. Children and

Eating Disorders

More than 10 million Americans are currently affected by serious disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. While anyone can suffer from an eating disorder, they are most common in teenagers and young women. How do eating disorders affect

Bottled Water and Fluoride

Drinking water with fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.  However, if your family drinks bottled water, you may be missing out of those benefits.  The fluoride mineral helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks from

Tooth Decay is a Disease

Tooth decay is a disease that  is caused by bacteria and damages or breaks down the enamel of our teeth.  Our enamel is the strong, outer layer of our teeth that provides the best protection against the harmful acids that

6 Ways to Reduce your Child’s Sugary Snacking

know the limits: when choosing a snack, keep an eye on added sugar and sweeteners such as corn syrup and fructose. the truth about juice: juice is high in sugar and calories.  The American Academy of Pediatrics suggest completely avoiding

Do I Need Braces (Orthodontics)?

Braces and orthodontic treatment are used to correct malocclusions (teeth that are crowded or crooked).  In some cases your teeth may be straight, but your upper and lower jaws may not meet properly.  These jaw or tooth alignment problems may

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Here are some tips to help get rid of bad breath: brush at least twice a day, hundreds of types of bacteria live naturally in your mouth floss your teeth every day to remove the bacteria and food particles brush