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What is Decalcification?

Decalcification occurs when calcium and phosphorous minerals are removed from the tooth surface. These minerals are a normal part of your tooth’s composition but can be depleted or lost due to plaque accumulation. When plaque is allowed to sit on

Color Difference Between Baby and Adult Teeth?

When looking in your child’s mouth, you may notice that their baby teeth are not the same color as their adult teeth. Baby (primary) teeth have a thinner layer of enamel and dentin compared to adult (permanent) teeth. Your enamel

Do I Need Braces (Orthodontics)?

Braces and orthodontic treatment are used to correct malocclusions (teeth that are crowded or crooked).  In some cases your teeth may be straight, but your upper and lower jaws may not meet properly.  These jaw or tooth alignment problems may

Fun Teeth Facts!

* it takes 17 muscles to smile BUT 43 to frown! * the average person produces a quart of saliva daily! *like our finger prints, everyone's tongue print is different! * tooth enamel is the hardest part of our bodies,