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Your Child’s Teeth And Diet

Your child’s primary teeth are lost at various times throughout childhood and their permanent teeth will begin erupting about age 6 and continue to about age 20. Adults have 28 permanent teeth, 32 if you include the third molars or

How To Teach Your Child To Brush

Be animated, sing or make brushing a game. Get down to their level, make sure you can easily see into their mouth. Brush together so your child can imitate what you do. Brush twice a day using non-fluoride gel until

How To Experience Fear-Free Dental Visits

If your child has a fear of new experiences, noises or strangers, do not worry. Dr. Margaret Miller will earn your child's trust and make the dental office a fun place to visit. Sometimes it helps if you take your child to

How To Help Your Child With A Sucking Habit

Most sucking habits will stop before the age of four. Continuous thumb or pacifier sucking can cause problems with proper growth and tooth alignment. How often, how long and the intensity of sucking usually determines if dental problems will result.

How To Prevent Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Your child’s first primary or “baby” teeth will begin to erupt between the ages of 6 – 12 months. They will continue to erupt until about age 3. During this time, your child’s gums may feel tender and sore. To

How to Get Your Child Interested in Brushing

Your child probably isn't too thrilled with tooth brushing as part of the morning or evening routine. It probably involves whining, struggling and maybe even tears. Tooth brushing shouldn't be that difficult, but for a child that just doesn't want